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What Our Customers Are Saying

NZ Manufacturing prides itself on providing high-quality products designed to withstand the rigorous demands of team, clinic and personal use. So what’s your experience with our StrechCordz®, MediCordz® and TurfCordz® products? Please click here to submit your comments and product ideas. We look forward to hearing from you, too!

I don’t see how you can coach swimming without StrechCordz!
– Bob Karl Head Coach, ASCA Certified Level 4

I endured year of masters swimming within the Army doing more distance, pushing harder, striving to be aerobic, technique tweeking, etc. After that capped-out, more of the same did nothing. I started using the drag chutes from strech cordz. I started with one small (8-inch) , grew to two 8-inch chutes, grew to two 12-inch, and I’m headed for a 16-inch chute. The chutes have been more productive at increasing immediate strength, arm stamina, terminal strength, and total endurance more than any other tool I’ve tried. Positive results are defined. I swim with someone else who has used the chute infrequently, yet she too has gained positive results despite less than optimal usage.
– Ted Hammond Army Guy

Our high school team has used your TurfCordz Safety Corded Tubing for several years now and I wanted to write to express my admiration for the quality materials and craftsmanship of your products. The kids really get into the drills and as a coach, I really appreciate that. Keep up the good work!
– Coach Mike Roswell, GA

Thanks for many years of a great product! I first used StrechCordz in 1991 when I was a swimmer in high school. I ordered a Modular Set to use in the off season and I have continued use your products faithfully ever since. I want to thank you for not only a great product, but also for the part StrechCordz played in all the great memories from the many years I spent swimming. Those memories and lessons of dedication, hard work, camaraderie, friendship and personal ethics serve me well today. Thank you.
– Aaron Frank Competitive Swimmer, Alexandria Virginia

You can recognize me by my ape size neck when I walk down Michigan Avenue. As a football player, I’ve had my share of injuries, but when I injured my neck I asked my chiropractor how she adjusted football player’s huge necks. She teased me saying we had no neck, and then started me with MediCordz for rehab. I was back on the field before I knew it. Resistance therapy saved me from painful neck issues in my later years. After an auto wreck some years ago, I used your MediCordz Headset Kit to rehab and have continued to use it since then! Thanks for making great gear. You may quote me. I have shared your technology with others who have similar needs to mine.
– Vincent Rolfe Chicago, Illinois