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Affiliate Program

We offer physical therapists, chiropractors, swim coaches, fitness centers and other resellers’ high-earning potential by financially rewarding them for orders placed on the NZ Manufacturing website. To participate, resellers simply:

  • First sign up for an account here.
  • Then contact NZ Manufacturing via email or phone (1-800-886-6621) to register as an affiliate.
  • Provide their clients with a designated URL that tracks each online order.
  • Earn product rewards or a percentage of the sales based on the number of orders generated.

It’s that easy. Plus, the NZ Manufacturing affiliate program benefits all parties involved: NZ Manufacturing sells their product, resellers earn an additional revenue, and clients get high-quality resistance products from an industry leader.

For more information on the program, please call 1-800-886-6621, email

Existing Affiliates may click here to view their page.  Please make sure you are logged in first.