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Celebrating Our 30th Birthday at ASCA Conference in Cleveland

smileyNZ Manufacturing is proud to announce that we’ll be in attendance at this year’s ASCA World Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, September 8th through the 13th. This will be the 47th Annual World Clinic and NZ Manufacturing can’t wait because this year, we’ll be celebrating our 30th Birthday.


Special Programs Expected

As we lead up to the Olympics in 2016, we can expect an extremely interesting ASCA Conference this year.  Special sections are slated to cover International swimming, which will be given by our keynote speaker, Frank Busch.  Busch is the USA National Team Director.  Other notable speakers include Wayne Goldsmith of Australia and many others.


Wide Range of Attendees & Topics

The 2015 ASCA World Clinic truly is a conference attended by individuals and organizations from around the world.  The clinic this year will have representatives from more than 30 nations with all sorts of topics ranging from training Olympians as well as basic swim education topics.


There will be multiple seminars covering topics such as research, athlete training, biomechanics, coaching philosophy, among others.  Attendees will be able to choose between workshops, lectures, classes and other types of presentations.  There will be well over 300 hours of material for attendees to choose from at this year’s ASCA World Clinic.


NZ Manufacturing Bringing a Little Extra Fun to the Conference

At NZ Manufacturing we thought that the ASCA World Clinic would be as good a time as any to celebrate our 30th Birthday (anniversary in corporate speak).  We’re extremely honored to be able to have been in business for this long and many of the contacts we’ve made through the ASCA conference have helped us to reach where we are today.

In true NZ Manufacturing fashion, we plan to bring a little something different this year to our booth at the conference.  We’ll have our StretchCordz products on display in Booth #105, and we’ve got a fun interactive 80’s flashback theme.  Take a trip back to the good ole’ days when you visit our booth this year.  Take your picture in our flashback booth, and post it to Social Media with #NZFlashback to be emailed a promo code for 15% off your next order.  Also, enter our video testimonial contest to win prizes (valued at up to $250).  Also, stick around our booth to get an extra birthday treat as well!


Specifics on Our Presenters


Date: September 9, 2015

Time: 8 am – 12 pm

Topic: Dryland Training for Age Groupers

Presenter: Charlie Hoolihan

Products used:StretchCordz with Handles & StretchCordz with Paddles


Charlie Hoolihan is a former age group and senior swimming coach of beginner to nationally ranked athletes. He is currently a Personal Training Director at Pelican Athletic Club in Mandeville, La where he trains clients and athletes including master swimmers, triathletes and runners.

He has spoken on various topics at several major national health and fitness conferences including the National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Triathlon, IDEA Health and Fitness Association and Club Industry. This will be his fourth appearance at the ASCA World Clinic.


We Look Forward to Seeing You at the 2015 ASCA World Clinic!

We’re extremely excited about the upcoming conference and hope that you’ll stop by Booth #105 to see what we have planned for our big 30th anniversary blowout bash!  This year’s conference will run September 8-13, so don’t miss out!

East Meets West at National Aquatic Therapy Conference

ATRINZ Manufacturing is having a very busy summer. We just returned from the National Aquatic Therapy Conferences, put on by the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute (ATRI) in Sanibel, Florida from June 23-26.  143 people attended the conference from 31 states and 9 countries.  We are both an equipment supplier and sponsor for ATRI so we were proud to be at this wonderful event that celebrated 20 years of Ai Chi.


What is Ai Chi?

Ai Chi is a water exercise and relaxation program that was created to help aquatic practitioners and students enjoy aquatic exercise for physical rehabilitation as well as fitness, recreation and relaxation.  Ai Chi was created originally by combining concepts from Tai-Chi with Qigong and Watsu® techniques.


A few of the benefits of Ai Chi due to its influence from Tai-Chi include:

  • Low impact workout that is a perfect complement to resistance strength training
  • The art has been linked to reduced anxiety, stress, depression as well as improved mood for both healthy people as well as people dealing with chronic health problems.
  • Tai Chi has been shown to increase energy, build muscle strength and improve aerobic capacity.
  • Health benefits have been seen with patients dealing with chronic diseases such as:
    • Chronic heart failure
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Depression
    • Diabetes


Other Highlights of 2015 National Aquatic Therapy Conference

There were many other courses offered at the National Aquatic Therapy Conference aside from the topics related to Ai Chi.  These courses offered topics that addressed range of motion, gait, balance, proprioception, coordination, low back pain, orthopedic functional progressions and core just to mention a few.  Some of the courses also featured our new upper and lower extremity tubing kits.  The therapists at the conference were excited to use our new equipment and better understand how it could be used to improve therapy sessions with their patients.


NZ Manufacturing Excited About 2016 International Symposium

At NZ Manufacturing we’re already preparing for the International Aquatic Therapy Symposium, which will also be taking place in Sanibel, Florida, June 21-24 2016.  We’ll be an exhibitor at this event and can’t wait to meet up with some of the top therapists in the world.


About NZ Manufacturing

At NZ Manufacturing we have been manufacturing high quality resistance exercise tools for physical therapy, rehabilitation, swim training, sports training and overall fitness since 1985. 

Over the past 30 years we’ve continued to expand our resistance training equipment to meet the growing needs of our customers.  All of our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials available on the market.  Our products are primarily broken down into 3 categories:

  • StretchCordz – This line of swim training bands was designed to improve endurance, strength and stroke performance.  We offer both Dryland and In-Water training products.
  • MediCordz – These products were created out of a need from physical therapists for rehab products that were designed for comfort and ease of use in a medical or home setting.
  • TurfCordz – These resistance training tools are mostly used by high school, college and professional sports teams to improve speed, flexibility and strength training in a low impact fashion.


For more information on any of our resistance training products don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime by phone at 800-886-6621 or email at

Are corporate trends really that different today as compared to those of years past?

Made in the USA

In a recent effort to engage in readings of the top rated corporate strategy publications, I found that the practices we have been rolling with are not far from the management styles of some of the ‘trendy’ corporations of today.

Now celebrating our 30th year in business as a manufacturer and distributor of USA-made resistance-based exercise products, our practices may have set the tone for what corporations are now stating as new and innovative management style.

For over the past 15 years, NZ has adopted a practice of asking employees what hours they wish to work. All NZ staff decided to work 4 – 10 hour days, leaving a 3 day weekend for rest. This choice was solely voted upon by peers, not management. Our philosophy is to work hard and play harder.  Another practice the company initiated over 15 years ago was the Christmas in July celebration. The July 4th holiday is accompanied by an entire week of fully paid time off.  In addition to the summer holiday, up to two weeks of paid time off is provided for employees in December.

What about day to day business you ask?  Well, there is no fishbone diagram listing the levels of management in our company. We work cross functionally. Everyone is cross trained to support each other within a department. Departments meet throughout the week to discuss projects and offer suggestions and advice for their team members. It has been found that suggestions from other departments often prove beneficial as sometimes a fresh set of eyes and ears can lend insightful suggestions. Though we do not provide daily free food options to employees, groups meet once a week for a company sponsored lunch.  Not always is business the center of the luncheon; we may just discuss what everyone is doing over a long weekend or employees’ latest family updates. It is a time to connect and share some laughs and perhaps some tears of what is going in each others’ lives.

There are many large corporations today that tout their management style as new and innovative (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon), but are we that much different from one another?  What NZ has been doing for the past 30 years has been proven to work by the success of the company, the retention of its team members, and the continued growth of the products in their respective markets worldwide.

What do professional strength coaches look for in choosing resistance training equipment?

strength_training-cuff-tuff-by-turfcordz_-_300x300Professional strength coaches have a tough job!

They are under intense pressure to ensure their athletes perform on the highest level each and every day.  To keep athletes on a strict workout regimen, coaches look to a variety of qualities when choosing resistance training equipment.  In this blog we’ll cover a few of the properties that are required to make the short list of go to resistance training equipment for professional strength coaches.



When strength coaches look at purchasing equipment, durability is always a huge concern.  Equipment that will stand the test of time is always more beneficial than equipment that will exhibit issues or prevent safety problems in a short amount of time.


Safety is paramount when it comes to resistance training equipment.  With millions of dollars potentially on the line for professional athletes, their safety should always be considered when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of certain training equipment.  Thankfully resistance training equipment when used correctly offers a safe and efficient way of training compared to other higher impact exercises that can much more easily increase the risk of injury.


Progression Training

Progression training is another go-to training method used for decades by professional strength coaches.  Many athletes go to the gym regularly but are dumbfounded as to why they are not getting stronger.  With progression training athletes gradually increase the weight or resistance placed on their body during a workout, which forces their bodies to grow bigger and stronger to handle the increase in demand.



Speed is increasingly important for professional athletes.  Strength trainers can utilize resistance training drills to increase speed and agility that can be wildly widely beneficial for all types of sports.


Increased Range of Motion

Professional athletes of all shapes and sizes use resistance training equipment to increase their range of motion.  Famous athletes like Tom Brady have been using resistance bands as of late to increase their range of motion.  Brady’s trainer Gunnar Peterson feels confident that by using resistance training equipment Brady is able to strengthen his entire body through changing the planes of motion for each exercise.  Brady’s trainers focus on range of motion and core strength as opposed to solely focusing on lifting heavier weights, which don’t offer the benefits of a balanced resistance training regimen.


Looking to Take Your Training Regimen to the Next Level?

If you’re looking to change up your training program to increase your overall range of motion, resistance band training should be at the top of your list.  Join the scores of professional strength coaches that are using resistance training to improve the workouts of their clients.


NZ Manufacturing offers a wide selection of resistance bands based on your needs.  With our TurfCordz®, StretchCordz® and MediCordz® we are sure to have the bands that you need based on your workout goals.  Contact us today by phone at 800-886-6621 or email at  We look forward to helping you increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

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Why I workout

sirenetta decorazione“I don’t work out because I hate my body, I work out because I love it.” -Anonymous

How often do we criticize ourselves for not meeting personal fitness goals in the blink of an eye, for failing to care for our health, or for not being a super-human, perfect person in all areas of life?

We probably chastise and belittle ourselves with negative self-talk more often than we realize. As spring blooms into summer, let’s work to change our thought patterns into ones that promote “I can!” statements. “I can take care of my health.” “I can enjoy my exercise time.” “I can love my body and be thankful for its successful functioning.” “I can adapt to changing life situations.” If you’re like me and avoid taking healthy steps for fear of not doing things “perfectly” or for fear of looking like a “wannabe” athlete, heed the message of the following anecdote! I recently saw a fitness quote that read, “…Because today is another chance to get it right.” Although this mantra might encourage the vast majority of people to boost their workout intensity, it makes me shrink back in panic and apprehension. Thoughts run through my head: “I feel like I’ll never get this workout routine right!” “I feel like my ducks will never align so that I can be successful with meeting my goals!” “Oh well, I failed last time, so I’m definitely not going to get it right this time around.” Water Woman knows that getting it “right” isn’t always the solitary objective. Many fitness enthusiasts declare that getting it right is the top priority. Water Woman would gander to say that “making progress” trumps “getting it right” not only in fitness, but in many of life’s tests. Focus on yourself and determine YOUR goals and what YOU can do to make you strong, healthy, and happy. For now, don’t worry about getting it absolutely right. Work hard, take risks, focus on progress, be kind to yourself, and enjoy the benefits of your efforts. Home video fitness mogul Denise Austin first perked my interest in exercise when I was a pre-teen girl. Her bubbly attitude and somewhat cheesy comments persuaded my young self that exercising was fun and helped make me a well-rounded person. All these years later, the first thing I hear in my head when I think of Denise Austin is “Believe YOU are worth it!” Denise believed in my ability to enhance my life through physical fitness. Let’s make progress in believing that about ourselves.  Let’s make progress to arrive at the day when we can say “I believe I am worth it!”

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