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Upcoming Conferences and Where You Can Find Us

We’ll Be There, Will you?

Conferences are filled with awesome speakers, swag bags and prizes, great connections, food, and social components.  Our resistance gear will be available for demonstrations and sale at the following events in the upcoming months:

  • College Swimming Coaches Association of America (May 8th-9th)
  • The Aquatic Exercise Association (May 15th-20th)
  • ATRI Events (All events)
  • NATA Clinical Symposium (June 26th-29th)
  • NSCA Conference (July 12th-15th)
  • ASCA Conference – Booth #117 (August 29th-September 3rd)

Now you’re probably thinking – you’re sponsoring all of these events over the summer? That’s right and there’s a reason for that. Our products are widely used in major clinics and therapy centers, professional sports teams, and Olympic training centers worldwide. For example, the Cleveland Clinic utilizes our resistance bands for injury prevention, muscle therapy, and increased flexibility. Additionally, major NFL teams like the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Denver, Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and more incorporate our bands into their everyday routine to stay in great condition year-round and especially when the football season is in session.

We are a sponsor at The CSCAA Conference being held right now and will be providing numerous door prizes. Each registered participant will receive free StrechCordz® branded swag. We are an official partner with the College Swimming Coaches Association of America as well! Our dryland and in-water resistance training products will be here to show you how to train like a competitive swimmer, enhance your endurance, and increase your stamina and speed.

We are an Affiliate Sponsor for the AEA IAFC Conference  May 15-20 and will be supplying our products for this event. You’ll witness our products being used in various product demonstrations and lectures. NZ gear that will be featured at this years conference will include the MediCordz® Upper Body Core Stabilization Kit (M2016U). As mentioned above, major clinics and therapy centers worldwide request our resistance tools to help their patients prevent future injuries and increase their range of motion.

Have you heard? We are a product supplier at all ATRI Events this year!   At each event, presenters will be including our resistance gear in their product teachings.  The following StrechCordz® and MediCordz® brands that will be presented include:

  • StrechCordz® with Handles (S100)
  • StrechCordz® Drag Belt Tow Tether (S109)
  • StrechCordz® Safety Cord Short Belt (S600)
  • MediCordz® Upper Body Core Stabilization Kit (M2016U)
  • MediCordz® Lower Body Core Stabilization Kit (M2016L)

If you are attending any of the ATRI events this year, the products used in the demonstrations will be sold at a discount! Whether you’re a beginning athlete, professional or an older adult, we offer a wide range of resistance levels that are suitable for any individual!

You’ll also see our resistance gear at the NATA Clinical Symposium June 26-29, demonstrated by Momentum Medium. The TurfCordz® brand will be promoted at Booth #6104.   Including discounts, there will be TurfCordz® branded swag and daily door prizes. Additionally, you can find our product demonstrations at the NSCA Conference on July 12-15. Used by MLB teams such as the Texas Rangers, and numerous collegiate athletic programs nationwide – bring along your TurfCordz® gear anywhere you train to improve your flexibility and speed.

Lastly, we’ll be exhibiting at the ASCA Conference on August 29th through September 3rd at Booth #117. You will find us promoting our StrechCordz® brand of gear and proudly representing our MADE in AMERICA gear.

We’re extremely excited about the upcoming conferences and hope to see you there.

NZ Manufacturing offers a wide selection of resistance bands based on your needs.  With our TurfCordz®, StrechCordz®, and MediCordz® brands we are sure to have the bands that you need based on your workout goals.

Have any questions or comments about the upcoming conferences or about our products? Let us know!  At NZ Manufacturing, we have been manufacturing high-quality resistance exercise tools for physical therapy, rehabilitation, swim training, sports training and overall fitness since 1985. For more information on any of our resistance gear don’t hesitate to contact us at any time by phone at 800-886-6621 or email us at

Run Faster. Jump Higher. By Combining Plyometrics and Resistance Cords.

Serious athletes are always looking for the next way to improve their strength, agility and response times.

There are a whole host of different athletic training techniques to help athletes meet their goals of becoming faster, and quicker, but few have been shown to be as effective as plyometrics.

What is Plyometrics?

Plyometrics, which is also referred to as “jump training,“ by some, are exercises meant to exert the maximum amount of force on muscles in a relatively short amount of time. The goal of these exercises is to increase power and in turn speed and strength.

Plyometric exercises are meant to activate the elastic properties and quick response of major muscle groups. The term was coined by a man by the name of Fred Wilt who gave these exercises the name after watching Soviet Olympians training in the 1970s.

Plyometric Training and Resistance Cords

Using resistance cords when performing plyometric training exercises can help to boost performance in a wide array of sports, and also take your power and speed to the next level.

Our Jump Belt or Super Bungie Kit can add additional challenge to your training, which in turn can increase strength throughout that range of motion, so when the resistance is actually removed, you’ll be more powerful and hopefully faster as well. Plyometric exercises are immensely beneficial for athletes looking to make sudden direction changes, vertical jumps and explosive sprints on the court or field.

Additional Benefits of Resistance Cords

While resistance cords offer a whole host of advantages for plyometrics, they also can be used across all types of sports and even for rehabilitation purposes as well. A few of the more notable benefits of resistance cords include:

• Constant Resistance – Unlike other types of machines or free weights, resistance cords offer consistent resistance across the full range of motion. This constant tension helps to improve coordination and balance as you also build strength.
• Immensely Flexible – Resistance bands offer the ultimate workout when it comes to flexibility. With resistance cords you can literally do a workout from anywhere, whether it’s at the gym, or in your hotel room when you only have a few minutes to spare between commitments.
• Safe to Use – Resistance cords are by their nature safe, but NZ Manufacturing takes safety extremely seriously and in turn has engineered their cords in such a way using a strong nylon cord that spans the length of the entire heavy duty latex tube. This additional safety cord design shows just how committed we are to helping our athletes safely use our products.

Interested in Learning More About Plyometrics or TurfCordz® Strength Training Gear?

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of plyometrics, or any of our TurfCordz® products for you or your team, feel free to reach out to us today by phone at 800-886-6621 or through our online contact form. We look forward to helping you boost your athletic training exercises through the safe and proper use of our high-quality resistance cords that are used by a whole host of professional athletes, Olympians, and sports programs around the country.

Sports Medicine – Resistance Band and Cord Versatility

The sports medicine industry has seen a large number of treatment innovations and options come and go over the last 50 years. Resistance bands and cords have survived and flourished because they have been proven to be a beneficial tool for patients of any strength level. In this blog we’ll go into more detail as to why resistance cords are such a great option for low-impact rehabilitation.

Why are Resistance Bands and Cords Beneficial for Rehabilitation?

1. Great for Rehabilitation at Home – If you’re recovering from a sports injury, you likely have been encouraged by your physical therapist to do a wide array of rehabilitation exercises at home. With resistance bands, you can have the best home-based rehab program possible. Resistance bands can help rehab patients improve stability and strengthen muscles in the comfort of their own homes.

2. Beneficial for Sedentary Lifestyles – When individuals are rehabilitating from an injury, they often will avoid weight machines and dumbbells for fear of injury. The problem with this approach is that it can encourage a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to other health problems. Resistance cord training can benefit anyone regardless of how active they are after an injury. These rehabilitation tools can also help people with a sedentary lifestyle ease back into more activity.

3. Improve Muscular Strength – Resistance bands can challenge individuals across all fitness levels, even those who are extremely fit. This is why professional athletes use resistance bands across all major sports, including a large number of Olympians.

MediCordz® Resistance Gear from NZ Manufacturing is designed specifically for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Now that you’ve seen the many benefits that you can achieve with resistance bands, we’d like to show you several resistance cord options from NZ Manufacturing that can help you recover more quickly from injury, or to add to your existing workout regimen.

  • MediCordz® Modular Bungie Cordz M3494 & M3497 – Our modular bungie cordz can be used for a wide array of physical rehabilitation exercises to help improve agility, strengthen muscles and prevent future injury.
  • MediCordz® Bungie Upper Body Kit M400 – The upper body kit allows patients to perform a full upper body workout using our high quality bungie cordz.
  • MediCordz® Tubing Rehab Kit M380 – Physical therapists love our M380 tubing rehab kit, which offers a full conditioning system that can be used for both upper and lower body exercises. With 10 resistance levels to choose from you can buy additional cords for your kit to ensure it works for patients across all skill levels.

Reach Out to NZ Manufacturing to Learn More Today

If you’re intrigued about how our MediCordz® Bungie Cordz can be used to help you or your patients recover more quickly from injury, we’re ready to assist you in any way we can. We’ve been constantly innovating our products to ensure we’re providing the highest quality resistance cords to our customers. We have a large customer list that features many universities as well as countless Olympic athletes. These athletes and organizations understand just how important resistance cords can be as an integral part of an effective rehabilitation program. Give our team a call today at 800-886-6621 or reach out to us via our contact form if you have any questions about our products.

Resistance Cords – Which resistance level and functionality is right for you?

Choose the right level of resistance.

When purchasing resistance cords, you should know your strength and level of fitness. Start with your current level of fitness – not the fitness level you want to reach.  Choose a resistance you can use properly without deviating from proper form. You don’t want to injure yourself by altering your body mechanics or become discouraged because the workout is too hard.

Extra-light resistance cords are recommended for those who are frail or rehabilitating from an injury or illness.  Light resistance cords are great for rehab, older women and teens just starting out on their fitness journey. Medium resistance cords are a great place to start for getting back into the fitness routine or every day training. Active men and women who are training for their respective sports can use heavier cords.

Choose Different Levels

We recommend you choose at least two resistance cords. With the different resistance levels, you have the option of making your workout more challenging when one resistance band or cord becomes too easy to use. Having two cords or bands can also help your workout become more efficient. You can use a heavier resistance for strength training, and a lighter resistance for toning.

How are you planning on using your new resistance cord?

Decide what kind of exercises you will perform with your new resistance cords.  Are you a swimmer who needs to improve your breast stroke, IM time or looking for extra resistance for dryland training?  Have you been injured and your doctor told you to get some resistance bands for at home exercises? Are you looking to improve your agility on the court in basketball or on the soccer field? Are you a fencer looking to improve your attack speed?  Are you strength training for sports such as football or rugby?   Whatever your need is, we have the right resistance level and product you need.

The  StrechCordz® line is designed for swimmers and triathletes , who are looking for in-water and dryland resistance training gear.  With 4 resistance levels to choose from, our In-Water gear  provides just the right level of difficulty for training .  For dryland demands, we offer the athlete 5 levels of resistance to match their strength level.  Oylmpic Triathlete and IronMan, Andy Potts swears by his StrechCordz® with Handles, green resistance.  He has been using it on a daily basis before every swim workout for the last 8 years!

Designed for in office or at home use, The MediCordz® line is  for any one in physical therapy or rehabing from a sports injury.  With 10 resistance levels to choose from, athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors can have their patients on the path to a pain-free lifestyle from day one.

TurfCordz® gear is designed for athletic training and overall general fitness. For those looking for strength and agility training gear,  we have 6 levels of resistance to choose from.  Athletes who are looking for higher levels of resistance, look no further.  Our Bungie Cordz gear delivers up to 200lbs of resistance! Our patented bungie design, of braided nylon over rubber,  provides a heavier load and lasting durability.

What features are available?

If you are looking for features such as door attachments, removable handles/straps, belts, thigh straps, chest harnesses and wrist/leg straps, make sure the cord you buy is interchangeable.  These added accessories will make your resistance cord multi-functional and allow for more options while exercising the upper and lower body.

What about safety features?   You do not want to buy cheap knockoffs that can easily snap on you while exercising.  Make sure there are safety features set in place such as our safety cord design. Embedded inside our latex tubing is a strong nylon cord capable of spanning the maximum stretch length of the tube.  This minimizes over-stretching, while providing additional safety and security to the user.

Check out the Resistance Level Charts Below  for our gear.  All of our resistance gear is easily color coded so you know what resistance you are using.

Benefits of incorporating Turfcordz® Resistance Gear into your training program.

What do football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, track & field, rowing, lacrosse, hockey, floorball, soccer, volleyball and tennis have in common?  They all train with resistance!!  Coaches, trainers and athletes around the globe are incorporating resistance cords into their training programs in place of free weights and in addition to many exercises and drills.

What are the differences between resistance cords and free weights in resistance training?

As we all know, resistance training uses incremental weights while targeting specific muscle groups. When you use resistance cords they stretch throughout the entire movement generating greater resistance as the range of motion increases.  This resistance naturally produces a greater amount of tension on the muscle than free weights do.

The versatility of resistance cords also outweighs the use of free weights. The cords are used for warm-ups, stretches, exercises, drills and post workout recovery.   Strength training with resistance can also help prevent future injuries. Can your free weights do all that?

What about portability? Can you imagine having to drag your free weights with you on a trip? Carrying them in your bag for warm ups before a game or race?  Resistance cords are light weight, fold up easily and can be stuffed in any workout bag or suitcase.

How can you incorporate resistance cords into your training program?

You can easily add resistance to your plyometrics, carioca and shuffle exercises and drills.

Maximize power and performance laterally and vertically with additional resistance. Combining plyometrics with resistance cords allows for proper jump techniques that dramatically decrease knee injuries in athletes.   By adding the Jump Belt S130 to the drill, athletes strengthen their leg muscles which in turn increases their vertical leap.  Check out the demonstration!

Many drills train with forward and back movement, but it’s important to practice moving sideways and changing direction quickly. Watch how you can use our TurfCordz® Safety Cord Tubing with the Carioca drill.  Adding resistance to this side to side movement improves strength, stability and coordination and will help reduce the risk of injury by improving the hip, knee and ankle joints. This will improve performance in any sport  that requires agility, lateral moves and fast footwork.

Lateral speed and quick feet are essential for any sport. The Resisted Shuffle, using TurfCordz® Resistance Cords, increases the players agility, coordination and side to side movement. This added resistance works on the glutes, hip flexors, quads, calves and hamstrings.  Check out this field hockey shuffle exercise video demonstrating our cords.

Recently, we sent our Super Bungie Kit to Alexander Hart, a Swedish-American bandy and floorball player.  Here is what he had to say:

(Photo credit: Adam Troy)

I find it to be a great tool in practicing and improving technical movement, especially laterally.  I was able to use the TurfCordz® Bungie Kit together with my personal trainer/strength and conditioning specialist in preparing for the Floorball World Championships. We really love the cords and they are even better than I expected. My trainer and I made a video demonstrating the use,

The cords are fantastic, and I’m using them constantly now in preparing for my club team games, as I’m about to go back to Europe and finish the season next week in the Czech Republic.

To see how you can incorporate TurfCordz® Resistance Gear into your training routine, check out our videos on YouTube.