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Diving In with Brian Peresie from the University of Akron


StrechCordz® and TurfCordz® resistance training products have been used by Olympic athletes, as well as college swimming and diving coaches for decades.

Brian Peresie, Head Women’s Swimming & Diving Coach for The University of Akron, lives and works just down the road from NZ Manufacturing’s headquarters. Brian also happened to attend the 2016 Summer Olympic trials. We spoke to Brian about his experience and asked him a few questions about his use of NZ Manufacturing products, as well as his views on training and conditioning.

Can you tell us a little bit about your Olympic trial experience this year?

We had 4 ladies in our program that recently qualified for the 2016 Olympic trials. The Olympic trial standards come out roughly two years ahead of the actual trials. We had two ladies that qualified last summer, and two more that qualified during the school year. It’s a really high honor to participate in the Olympic trials, which is the highest level of competition in the sport. We were excited to have such a strong showing of athletes at this year’s Olympic trials in Omaha, Nebraska.

Can you tell us about when you were first introduced to NZ Manufacturing products?

We’ve used NZ Manufacturing products for years in our program. They are great training devices that allow us to be more creative with our workouts because we can use them in so many different ways. We really like to use them for resistance, where swimmers can swim stationary for 60 seconds at a time with a snorkel on to focus on their stroke underwater, trying to eliminate any dead spots.

We also use the longer cords for high intensity work outs, because they have progressive resistance. As our swimmers get closer to the wall using the StrechCordz® in-water gear, the resistance increases.

In addition, the short cords allow us to work on push offs and breakouts. When our swimmers focus on the short portion of the race, we can give them feedback right away, which allows them to know what to focus on when they are warming up for an event.

One of the lessons I try to teach all our swimmers is that you cannot get speed back that you’ve lost once you’re in the water. With StrechCordz® in-water and

dryland gear  we help our swimmers focus on the proper stroke and technique that will minimize any speed loss in the water.

What specific NZ Manufacturing products does your team use?

Why are NZ Manufacturing products so key to your training regimen?

I’ve always been a big believer in post activation potentiation theory, or PAP. This theory essentially says that if you’re performing for example a standing vertical jump with a 20 pound weight vest and do a couple of repetitions, take the vest off, wait 5 minutes, and jump again, you’ll be able to jump higher that if you didn’t jump with the weight first. I believe that the same applies to swimming. We have our swimmers swim with StrechCordz® gear for a few repetitions, then do some easy swimming without resistance, and more times than not they’re faster during competition. This teaches swimmers how to use additional muscle fibers, which translate into when they’re racing. We always try to use StrechCordz® gear in warmups for this reason.

What are some tips for a young swimmer aspiring to make it to the Olympics?

If I were to give any young swimmer advice, it would be to do the following:

  • You need to make a decision that this is what you want.
  • Set goals and stick to them.
  • You need to listen to your coaches. They’re going to have the best information that will help you to reach your goals. The more closely you work with your swim coach the better your opportunity will be to take your skills to the next level.

Interested in learning more about the NZ Manufacturing products used by Brian and his team?

We really appreciate Brian Peresie giving us a few minutes of his time, and hope that you enjoyed this interview. If you’re interested in learning more about the specific StrechCordz® gear and other NZ Manufacturing products that Brian and his team use at the University of Akron, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at 330-634-0271, or through our online contact form.

NZ Manufacturing Resistance Training Tools help Olympians Go for the Gold

Golden, silver, bronze champion medals isolated on a white background

Resistance training tools are being used by professional athletes and international Olympians for strength training, stamina, flexibility, speed, and even physical therapy.

NZ Manufacturing is proud to work with top athletes around the world to provide them with the proper effective tools for their training routines. To prepare for the Olympics, swimmers and track competitors benefit from a variety of NZ Manufacturing products including StrechCordz swim training tools and TurfCordz agility tools.

StrechCordz Gear For Swim Training

Using StrechCordz products for swim training will provide resistance of varying levels that can be used for different levels of training that range from water aerobics and home pool use, to Olympic training. StrechCordz in-water resistance cords and bands are used by everyone from novice swimmers to competing Olympians for help with flexibility, stamina, speed, endurance, acceleration, and competition swim training. Our in-water resistance training equipment can be used for barge pulls, proper positioning, hip rotations, and more. StrechCordz® dry-land resistance bands and cords are ideal for those who need a portable form of training that they can take anywhere, as these can be used outside of water.

StrechCordz Safety Cord

What makes our StrechCordz resistance training line stand out from the rest? Our proprietary feature embeds a strong nylon cord within the latex tubing that is capable of extending to the maximum stretched length of the tube. The key benefits of this feature is that it minimizes over-stretching, and provides the safety and security that is needed for users to overcome any physical and mental barriers to their training.

Olympic Triathlete Relies On StrechCordz Training Products

Olympic triathlete and former Ironman 70.3 champion Andy Potts has been a long-time user of StrechCordz resistance bands. Here’s what Andy says about his recent use of StrechCordz products:

“So, the past two years I’ve gotten away from my regular StrechCordz swim training tool work, and my swimming has definitely suffered (you may not be able to tell, but I certainly can). In April, I made the adjustment to go back to doing 5-8 minutes of using StrechCordz tools for dry-land work. I’m starting to see the results now and my swimming will be better this year because of it. Too valuable to forfeit that type of work.”

Enhance Performance With TurfCordz Resistance Products

For up to 200 pounds of resistance, Olympians and pro athletes turn to TurfCordz products for agility, speed, and strength training to enhance their performance. TurfCordz Bungees are our #1 TurfCordz resistance products for good reasons. Stronger than even the professional athletes who use them, our TurfCordz products are high-performance training tools used for higher performing athletes. As opposed to typical tubing, our Bungee features special patented braided nylon over rubber which allows it to stretch one-two times its length during use, and gives it a heavier load and durability that is built to last.

NZ Manufacturing Improving Performance Through Resistance

For high performance resistance training gear and workout instruction, turn to the products that Olympians and pro athletes rely on for their top results. Contact NZ Manufacturing at 800-866-6621 with your questions related to our line of products, or visit us online at

Swim Coaching and Resistance Training Over the Last 40 years

An Interview with Bob Karl, Head Coach of Bob Karl Swim Club since 1976

Bob Karl has coached swimming for over 40 years. He has used StrechCordz® swim resistance training products since their inception. We spoke to him to find out what has changed in swim coaching and resistance training over the decades.

Tell us about what resistance and strength training you did with your swimmers when you were first starting out and what you do now?

In the beginning we didn’t do much with StrechCordz® training products. When I first started out, we worked with them on a limited basis about 20 years ago. Right now we’re using the highest strength StrechCordz product all the way through our dry-land progam.

You’ve coached a litany of decorated athletes and some of the greatest coaches of our time. What do you think separates a great coach from an average coach?

I think it’s being open-minded and having the ability to make changes to the program. It’s the ability to not follow the fad. In the 70’s cord training was a fad and then faded, but it’s back, I’ve been doing it since the 60’s. A lot of new coaches want to try the latest trends and aren’t open minded to trying what’s worked for years.

There are many exercise variations, and training tools for in-water and dry land training. Many swim coaches struggle with balancing and prioritizing exercises. What advice do you have for making sure all the swimmers get the right exercise they need?

Too much moderation is no good and overkill is no good. I think the StrechCordz® resistance training tools help you in that area where you don’t do overkill and under level of ability. I think in that area for us, it really helps us dramatically. The idea of keeping a balance between the dry-land training program, weights and the water is very critical. You have to keep a balance between your swimming and your dry-land training. I know a trainer that tried to overkill with the weight room and it didn’t achieve what he wanted it to achieve as a result his performance levels were diminished. You can’t replace swimming with just dry-land training, and you can’t replace dry-land training with swimming. It’s been proven over the years that swimmers through heavy training lose strength. The reason we do our dry-land training programs now through the season is to keep that strength building up while we are training harder in the water, so that when we do taper and rest we’re able to train that much harder. We couldn’t survive without StrechCordz® training tools knowing what we do and how we do it.

You’ve been using StrechCordz® resistance training tools with your swimmers for decades. What is it that you like most about our products?

The versatility. You can make change in a moments notice from exercise to exercise using the same cord. We’ll change over dramatically from drill to drill using StrechCordz® gear. They’re easy to maintain. There’s really no maintenance at all. You just buy them and use them.

Can you tell us a one or two exercises you use StrechCordz® gear for, and what exercises you recommend with them?

We use the heavy duty blue StrechCordz® dry land training tools. We use them three days a week, and we do two different exercises – one for triceps and one for the rotator cuff. It’s not the same as weights. You can get the same benefit without the worry of hurting yourself with a bar. The tricep exercise really helps the back end of the stroke quite a bit. Our improvement with the swimmers is just remarkable. This year alone, I’ve had a boy drop over a minute in the 500. He’s going to drop another minute this year just because of those two exercises. I just know it.

If you missed us at the IAFC in May, here’s a quick recap:


StretchCordz® Original Resistance Swim Training Gear was demonstrated throughout the conference.

Aquatic trainers demonstrated the versatility of StrechCordz® training products for use in both high intensity aerobic workouts and dry land training.

Among the trainers featuring StrechCordz® products, Lori Sherlock featured high intensity training incorporating the use of StrechCordz® with Handles, StrechCordz® Stationary Swim Trainer and StrechCordz® Ankle Elastic.

Jackie Lebeau did a great dry land resistance training demonstration that can also be incorporated in the water. One participant said, “I liked how she had the versatility of cardio and dry-land training combined with partner drills using a single S300. The presentation was very thorough and efficient. I came away with more ways to use the StrechCordz® pool aqua band than I ever would have thought of myself.”  She was kind enough to share with us her workout as a PDF here.

We sold out of all of the swim training gear we brought to the show! However, our StrechCordz® swim training gear, TurfCordz® agility training gear, and MediCordz® rehabilitation gear are regularly demonstrated at various sports training conferences around the world. Check for last minute great deals on NZ Manufacturing products used only in demonstrations.

NZ Manufacturing is proud to announce that we awarded Elizabeth Ford with a $500 Scholarship at IAFC that can be used for any continuing education provided by the AEA.

Thank you to all who brought shared their time and talent to the pool deck to demonstrate the use of StrechCordz® products!

Join Us at the AEA 29th Annual International Aquatic Fitness Conference (IAFC)

IAFC 2016

Location: Innisbrook Resort Palm Harbor, Florida
Dates: May 10th-14th, 2016
Program Link:

The IAFC has something for every aquatic fitness instructor level. NZ Manufacturing is proud to be the official resistance training tool supplier for this event. At this “Aquatic Fitness Retreat” you’ll find:

  • Exclusive Specialty Certificate Programs for Aquatic Fitness Instructors
  • Master Classes for Aqua and Land
  • Aquatic Workshops (theory and pool)
  • Lectures and classroom education offerings (for those who want to stay dry)
  • Great networking with aquatic professionals from around the world
  • A marketplace to buy aquatic fitness equipment

Longer in-depth aquatic workshops have been added this year to offer extra time to dive deeper. These aquatic workshops will alternate between pool & lecture.

In preparation for this conference, NZ Manufacturing is providing a scholarship award in the amount of $500 that can be used within 12 months from receipt of the award for any continuing education provided by the AEA. The award will be presented from a drawing held at the dinner banquet on Friday, May 13th at the conference. The scholarship award will be selected from those participating in the 50/50 drawing at the event.

The following StrechCordz® dry-land and in-water products will be demonstrated by four presenters at four different workshops:

The presenters scheduled to demonstrate the StrechCordz® products in their workshops are as follows:

Lori Sherlock, Ph.D.
Hometown: Morgantown, WV
Associate Professor at West Virginia University
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
More about Lori

Lori is also Chair of the Aquatic Exercise Association’s research committee, AEA trainer and recipient of the 2015 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional award.

Tuesday 5:00pm – 5:45pm: StrechCordz®: Expanding Possibilities in Aquatics
Dive in and discover the versatility of StrechCordz® aquatic training tools and their applications in aquatic exercise activities. This demo will showcase various aquatic fitness applications, including Pilates adaptations, as used in the Hydro Pilates program.

Lori will be using:

Jackie LeBeau
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Assistant Director for Fitness at John Hopkins Training Center
Training Specialist for AEA
More about Jackie

Wednesday 4:30pm-5:15pm: StrechCordz® – New Applications for Aquatics
Jackie will be presenting the StrechCordz® dry-land workshop showcasing a combo of strength and cardio circuits using the StrechCordz® Aqua Pool Band to illustrate its versatility on land.

Martine Flamen
Hometown: Gent, Belgium
Founder & Owner Aqua & Move
AEA International Master Trainer
Speedo International Trainer
More about Martine

Aqua & Move is a large swim academy for adults and children, which also includes aquatic fitness programming for adults. Martine is also the owner of a VDRG, a dance school with more then 1500 dancers and she is the director of Hip-hop International in Belgium.

Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm: Back to Basic Seniors
Discover various strategies for creating an engaging and exciting aquatic fitness class for seniors. Martine will feature one of her circuits with the StrechCordz® Drag Belt Tow Tether.

Marti Peters
Hometown: Estero, FL
Membership Director for Club Spa & Fitness Association
Owner, MartiFit In-Home Personal Training
More about Marti

Marti has traveled the world providing continuing education and writes fitness articles for several publications.

Friday Morning 7:30am-9:30am: Core Central
Working your core muscles to the max is what this workshop is all about. Marti will teach you how to build strength, improve balance and function with the StrechCordz® with Handles. You’ll learn how core muscles work and interact along with keys to muscle activation & effectiveness.

Presenter Highlight: Jackie Lebeau

jackie-lebeauWhat do you love most about the IAFC?

There are professionals from all around the world that you get to interact with. Regardless of what language they speak, their non-verbal skills are strong. I’ve improved my own skills by watching these International presenters.

What inspired you to get into Aquatic Fitness?

I started in aquatics as a lifeguard in high school. Fitness is like a snowball effect. My boss asked me to teach deep water exercise so I ended up getting the certified.

What StrechCordz® product do you use most in your in-water training?

I like to use the Safety Cord Short Belt with the cord attached to the back so my class can do jumps and boxing exercises. I also love the Drag Belt Tow Tether because the parachute is great for small group circuit training. They can run forward, backward and laterally for group class.

Check out Jackie’s Training video:
Jackie’s Training Video