Choose the right level of resistance.

When purchasing resistance cords, you should know your strength and level of fitness. Start with your current level of fitness – not the fitness level you want to reach.  Choose a resistance you can use properly without deviating from proper form. You don’t want to injure yourself by altering your body mechanics or become discouraged because the workout is too hard.

Extra-light resistance cords are recommended for those who are frail or rehabilitating from an injury or illness.  Light resistance cords are great for rehab, older women and teens just starting out on their fitness journey. Medium resistance cords are a great place to start for getting back into the fitness routine or every day training. Active men and women who are training for their respective sports can use heavier cords.

Choose Different Levels

We recommend you choose at least two resistance cords. With the different resistance levels, you have the option of making your workout more challenging when one resistance band or cord becomes too easy to use. Having two cords or bands can also help your workout become more efficient. You can use a heavier resistance for strength training, and a lighter resistance for toning.

How are you planning on using your new resistance cord?

Decide what kind of exercises you will perform with your new resistance cords.  Are you a swimmer who needs to improve your breast stroke, IM time or looking for extra resistance for dryland training?  Have you been injured and your doctor told you to get some resistance bands for at home exercises? Are you looking to improve your agility on the court in basketball or on the soccer field? Are you a fencer looking to improve your attack speed?  Are you strength training for sports such as football or rugby?   Whatever your need is, we have the right resistance level and product you need.

The  StrechCordz® line is designed for swimmers and triathletes , who are looking for in-water and dryland resistance training gear.  With 4 resistance levels to choose from, our In-Water gear  provides just the right level of difficulty for training .  For dryland demands, we offer the athlete 5 levels of resistance to match their strength level.  Oylmpic Triathlete and IronMan, Andy Potts swears by his StrechCordz® with Handles, green resistance.  He has been using it on a daily basis before every swim workout for the last 8 years!

Designed for in office or at home use, The MediCordz® line is  for any one in physical therapy or rehabing from a sports injury.  With 10 resistance levels to choose from, athletic trainers, physical therapists and chiropractors can have their patients on the path to a pain-free lifestyle from day one.

TurfCordz® gear is designed for athletic training and overall general fitness. For those looking for strength and agility training gear,  we have 6 levels of resistance to choose from.  Athletes who are looking for higher levels of resistance, look no further.  Our Bungie Cordz gear delivers up to 200lbs of resistance! Our patented bungie design, of braided nylon over rubber,  provides a heavier load and lasting durability.

What features are available?

If you are looking for features such as door attachments, removable handles/straps, belts, thigh straps, chest harnesses and wrist/leg straps, make sure the cord you buy is interchangeable.  These added accessories will make your resistance cord multi-functional and allow for more options while exercising the upper and lower body.

What about safety features?   You do not want to buy cheap knockoffs that can easily snap on you while exercising.  Make sure there are safety features set in place such as our safety cord design. Embedded inside our latex tubing is a strong nylon cord capable of spanning the maximum stretch length of the tube.  This minimizes over-stretching, while providing additional safety and security to the user.

Check out the Resistance Level Charts Below  for our gear.  All of our resistance gear is easily color coded so you know what resistance you are using.