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U.S. Manufacturer Launches New Resistance Training Tools Website,

NZCordzWhen the owner of NZ Manufacturing decided it was time to revamp her company’s website, Maureen Petrasko wanted her website to match the innovation, experience, and ease-of-use of the stretch cord and resistance training brands NZ manufactures. was developed to better serve the professional strength trainers, swim coaches and medical professionals who buy their brands online. The new fully responsive design (adapts to desktop, tablet and mobile devices) was developed based on feedback from customers, and a usability analysis on the old website to determine what to improve.

“When we started visualizing our new website last year, we knew we wanted to provide better online product research, easier customer service, and open up more resources for our customers. We wanted to make sure they could more easily find the right product for the right exercise application. We also wanted our customers to be able to order just as easily from the smartphone as they could on their desktop. Many of our customers are out at the pool, or training athletes on the field. They’re not usually sitting behind the desk,” says Maureen.

This new website offers all the features of the previous site such as the ability to place orders directly through the site and check status of orders. Additionally, customers can now view their order history back to the launch date of the new website. now provides a listing of recent press releases, video feeds, news articles, specials, enhanced product searches, related products and more. An updated advisory forum is being added soon where customers can get feedback and training tips from professional athletes, strength trainers, and medical professionals.

Our customers around the world will now experience a greater ease of use with the addition of VAT, and a variety of cost saving shipping options.

Makers of StrechCordz® resistance swim training tools, MediCordz® rehabilitation products and TurfCordz® strength and agility products, NZ offers a comprehensive line of resistance tools from accommodating a patient rehabilitating from an injury or surgery to high-end athlete training performance enhancement, NZ Manufacturing has been a leading innovator in the professional resistance training industry for over thirty years.

NZ Manufacturing Launches Revenue-Generating Affiliate Program

Tallmadge, Ohio – July 23, 2012 – NZ Manufacturing, Inc., a leader in high-quality resistance training and physical rehabilitation equipment, recently announced the kickoff of its new affiliate program aimed at creating additional revenue for resellers.

The first of its kind for the company, the affiliate program offers physical therapists, chiropractors, swim coaches, fitness centers and other resellers’ high-earning potential by financially rewarding them for orders placed on the NZ Manufacturing website. To participate, resellers simply:

  • Contact NZ Manufacturing via its website, email or phone (1-800-866-6621) to register as an affiliate.
  • Provide their clients with a designated URL that tracks each online order.
  • Earn product rewards or a percentage of the sales based on the number of orders generated.

It’s that easy. Plus, the NZ Manufacturing affiliate program benefits all parties involved: NZ Manufacturing sells their product, resellers earn an additional revenue, and clients get high-quality resistance products from an industry leader.

For more information on the program, please call 1-800-886-6621, email or visit now.

About NZ Manufacturing
Known by leading clinics, hospitals, universities and professional sport teams since 1985, NZ Manufacturing provides high quality and versatile resistive exercise tools for swim training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports training and general fitness. The company offering – all made in the U.S.A. – consists of three resistance-based product lines: StrechCordz® swim training products, MediCordz® rehab and physical therapy products, and TurfCordz® high-level athletic products. NZ Manufacturing is based in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Good Off-Season Training Benefits In-Season Performance

Tallmadge, Ohio – June 5, 2012 – NZ Manufacturing, Inc., a leader in high-quality resistance training and physical rehabilitation equipment, reminds athletes of the importance of off-season training. Training that pays off when they need it most. Physical training that gives them the ability to outplay their opponents in the last seconds of any game, meet or other competition.

During the season, teams utilize conditioning programs to maintain their athletes playing abilities. Every spare moment is spent practicing plays, scrimmaging and performing in actual games. There simply isn’t enough time to work on improving certain skills or hitting the weights enough to build more muscle mass.

The off season is the best opportunity to work on skills that need improving, learn some new techniques and maintain the base one’s already built. It’s a time to practice without the pressures of coaches and fans. It’s a chance to work out with teammates to strengthen bonds, to try a different sport or activity altogether that will utilize different muscle groups. Most importantly, though, the off-season is the time to make strides in an athlete’s physical abilities – so when a player begins the season, he or she is at the peak of potential.

And NZ Manufacturing can help. Our full line of resistance products – StrechCordz®, MediCordz® and TurfCordz® – help with sports training, conditioning, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Unlike other brands, NZ Manufacturing’s products are more durable, made to higher quality standards and are easy to use. Check them out for yourself:

So as you’re stretching your limits before the season even starts, think about those last seconds of any game or meet. If you have the endurance and strength to keep running, jumping, swimming and/or outmaneuvering your opponent as the time is winding down, you just may be able take control and turn a close competition into a solid victories. All thanks to some extra effort in the off-season.

For more information on NZ Manufacturing products, please call 1-800-886-6621, email or visit now. NZ Manufacturing is based in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Please Note: Do not begin a physical exercise program without consulting a physician, and passing a routine physical examination.

NZ Manufacturing Suggests Training “Like a Soldier”

Tallmadge, Ohio – May 4, 2012 – This Memorial Day weekend, NZ Manufacturing, Inc. – a leader in high-quality resistance training and physical rehabilitation equipment – suggests striving to become both mentally and physically fit through high-level training and commitment, like that of a U.S. soldier.

Because a soldier’s level of physical fitness has a direct impact on his or her combat readiness, staying in peak physical condition is one of the main responsibilities of active duty military. A U.S. soldier must be mentally and physically prepared to cope with both the physical and psychological challenges of critical operations. Proper routine training helps them increase strength, build confidence and enhance overall resilience.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s “Training the Tactical Athlete,” being proficient in strength, power, stamina, endurance, agility and speed all at one time is immensely difficult. However, most members of the military are expected to perform these activities within a moment’s notice. They also meet specific weight requirements, and have the ability to handle physical scenarios in every type of climate, from enduring 120º weather in Afghanistan to adjusting to tight quarters on a ship or a high altitude on a plane. Our U.S. military is prepared for it all, and it’s their high-level athletic training that helps them do it.

If you’re considering a career in the military, you want to start getting into shape as soon as possible – at least 6 to 12 months before you’re scheduled to arrive at boot camp. While the average fitness level of incoming recruits is considerably low and the goal of basic training is to help them reach passing fitness standards, the instructors also have to teach job skills that will save lives. This training is very physical in nature, so having a strong physical base for several months – or even years – beforehand will be a significant benefit to you.

Of course, good physical fitness isn’t just exclusive to the military. Regular exercise can help everyone enjoy more productive lives. According to a variety of research, regular exercise enhances the quality of life, improves productivity, and brings about positive physical and mental changes.

NZ Manufacturing offers a variety of resistance exercise tools to incorporate into any high-level training program. Our TurfCordz® Safety Super Bungie, a best seller, is specifically used to meet the extreme demands of high-level training. Tested and used by the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy Seals, the FBI, professional athletes and Olympians worldwide, it can increase speed, improve endurance and overcome resistance. The TurfCordz Quick React tool also is often used to improve agility and explosive running starts through quick reaction drills.

For more information these products, as well as other TurfCordz, StrechCordz® and MediCordz® lines, please call 1-800-886-6621, email or visit now. NZ Manufacturing is based in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Please Note: Do not begin a physical exercise program without consulting a physician, and passing a routine physical examination.

“Mad” about TurfCordz® Resistance Tools

Tallmadge, Ohio – March 16, 2012 – March madness is almost here. And basketball fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting the tradition, the excitement, and the upsets that make up the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

NZ Manufacturing, Inc., a leader in high-quality resistance training and physical rehabilitation equipment, shares in that excitement and is proud to have its TurfCordz® resistance tools utilized by professional and college athletes alike.

Why is resistance important for basketball players? Today’s fast-paced games require them to repeat multiple high-intensity activities with minimal rest periods. Players must be fast, agile and lean, and have excellent endurance and powers of recovery. In fact, a typical NCAA Division I player can complete the 40-yard speed test in just 5 seconds and jump more than 70 cm in the vertical jump test.

Resistance tools, like NZ Manufacturing TurfCordz®, help elite players train for that explosive power. These highly versatile tools can be used to strengthen many muscle groups, including arms, legs, back, chest and shoulders. And, depending on the number of repetitions and the amount of resistance, resistance products can contribute to endurance and overall basketball conditioning as well:

  • Explosive exercise
    Improves vertical jump, reaction time and foot speed
  • Upper body strengthening
    Expands range of shots and passes
  • Lower back stretching and strengthening
    Reduces risk of common joint and tendon injuries, as well as adds flexibility
  • Leg strengthening
    Increases vertical leaps, quickness and lateral movements
  • Core strength training
    Intensifies hip strength and stability, and overall balance
  • Agility training
    Ensures quick and powerful offensive moves

More specifically, resistance workouts can help point or shooting guards improve their ability to make fast breaks, as well as get open shots off the dribble. They can help forwards and centers strengthen low-post moves and offensive rebounding abilities, all while allowing the players to mimic basic game movements.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, safe strength training routine, check out the NZ Manufacturing TurfCordz line. Products like the TurfCordz Jump Belt, which strengthens leg muscles to enhance a vertical leap, and its TurfCordz Modular Speed Belt, a two-person system for speed-assisted and resisted running exercises, offer excellent alternatives to basketball weight training. Suitable for all fitness levels, they can be as difficult or easy as you want and be modified for every age and ability group. In fact, resistance regimens are actually safer than playing the sport of basketball itself! For more information on these and other NZ Manufacturing products, please call 1-800-886-6621 or email NZ Manufacturing is based in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Please Note: Before beginning any exercise program, NZ Manufacturing always advises consulting with a physician.