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Product Use and Care

Before Use

Read all instructions carefully before using NZ Manufacturing products. Please also note:

  • Always check for possible wear on the tubing/bungie before each exercise session. If the product has cracks, tears or other damage, discontinue use of that tubing/bungie product and replace it. There is no safe way to repair a tubing or bungie product.
  • Keep tubing/bungie away from face when performing exercises.
  • Never release the tubing/bungie when it is under tension.
  • Allow for adequate space allowance when exercising near others.
  • Never stretch the tubing/bungie beyond the recommended length. Overstretching may cause breakage.
  • Avoid using tubing/bungie on abrasive or rough surfaces.
  • Natural latex rubber used in our tubing products is sensitive to the ozone and UV light. Store properly to prolong the life of the tubing.
  • If a chalky texture develops on the tubing, a rubber treatment, such as Armorall will bring back a shiny black surface and help to protect the surface from further degradation.
  • If tubing is used in chlorine or salt water, rinse the tube with tap water after each use and hang to dry out of UV light.
  • Our products are not to be used as toys, nor should children use these products unless supervised by an adult.

Download Usage Guides (PDFs)

StrechCordz® Dryland Usage Guide

MediCordz® Usage Guide