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Stretch your limits through water resistance.

StrechCordz® resistance bands for swim training improve stamina, power, stroke, endurance and Individual Medley times for international Olympians and novice swimmers. Both In-water and dryland equipment are used for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, chest flys, proper hip rotation, stroke efficiency and more.

StrechCordz® products in lighter resistance levels are now available for use in water aerobics and other public pool exercise programs as well as home pool use.

What is a Safety Cord?

Embedded inside latex tubing is a strong nylon cord capable of spanning the maximum stretch length of the tube.  This proprietary feature minimizes over-stretching, while providing the safety and security to overcome physical and mental barriers.

The original wet and dry swim training resistance tools. Used by the United States Olympic Swim Team and Olympian, collegiate and high schools swimmers worldwide.

Andy Potts – Olympic Triathlete

Dryland Resistance Training

StrechCordz® dryland engineered resistance bands and cords are requested by international Olympians and novice swimmers for:

  • Swim Training Anywhere
  • Improved Form and IM Times
  • Enhanced Endurance

StrechCordz® dryland resistance training equipment is engineered for comfort and quality to conveniently assist swimmers of all ages for competitive swim training.

In-Water Resistance Training

StrechCordz® in-water engineered resistance cords and bands are requested by international Olympians and novice swimmers for:

  • Competitive Swim Training
  • Quicker Acceleration
  • Increased Stamina & Speed
  • Improved Flexibility

StrechCordz® in-water swim training equipment is used for resisted and assisted swimming, push offs, barge pulls, proper positioning, hip rotation and more.