Tallmadge, Ohio – June 5, 2012 – NZ Manufacturing, Inc., a leader in high-quality resistance training and physical rehabilitation equipment, reminds athletes of the importance of off-season training. Training that pays off when they need it most. Physical training that gives them the ability to outplay their opponents in the last seconds of any game, meet or other competition.

During the season, teams utilize conditioning programs to maintain their athletes playing abilities. Every spare moment is spent practicing plays, scrimmaging and performing in actual games. There simply isn’t enough time to work on improving certain skills or hitting the weights enough to build more muscle mass.

The off season is the best opportunity to work on skills that need improving, learn some new techniques and maintain the base one’s already built. It’s a time to practice without the pressures of coaches and fans. It’s a chance to work out with teammates to strengthen bonds, to try a different sport or activity altogether that will utilize different muscle groups. Most importantly, though, the off-season is the time to make strides in an athlete’s physical abilities – so when a player begins the season, he or she is at the peak of potential.

And NZ Manufacturing can help. Our full line of resistance products – StrechCordz®, MediCordz® and TurfCordz® – help with sports training, conditioning, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Unlike other brands, NZ Manufacturing’s products are more durable, made to higher quality standards and are easy to use. Check them out for yourself:

So as you’re stretching your limits before the season even starts, think about those last seconds of any game or meet. If you have the endurance and strength to keep running, jumping, swimming and/or outmaneuvering your opponent as the time is winding down, you just may be able take control and turn a close competition into a solid victories. All thanks to some extra effort in the off-season.

For more information on NZ Manufacturing products, please call 1-800-886-6621, email info@nzmfg.com or visit nzmfg.com now. NZ Manufacturing is based in Tallmadge, Ohio.

Please Note: Do not begin a physical exercise program without consulting a physician, and passing a routine physical examination.