Autumn, by definition, is the third season of the year when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall.

Autumn’s duration in the northern hemisphere lasts from September to November and from March to May in the southern hemisphere. Autumn may be a time of joy or excitement as we anticipate the holiday seasons and the events that will be spent with family and friends. Autumn may be a time of anxiousness or discouragement as we anticipate colder weather and fewer sunlit hours each day. Autumn may be a season of mixed emotions, as we express gratitude for all of the goodness in our lives, while simultaneously experiencing shame or regret for the things we were unable to accomplish thus far this year. One thing for certain is that autumn is a season of change. The transformations that take place in nature can mirror the internal transformations occurring within us as our seasons of life change. The physical changes of autumn create a perfect setting in which we can begin to change our thoughts and our choices about our health and our wellbeing.

Our motivation for making daily healthy choices is largely driven by our mental and emotional states.

We often become disconnected to our body’s needs, either because of stress, fear, exhaustion, misinformation, anger, regret, distractions, and/or grief. We consequently make choices that do not serve our physical, mental, or emotional health.

During autumn, we are invited to reflect on our current life circumstances and to refocus on our own health and fitness needs.

We are invited to reconnect with our bodies, minds, and hearts to determine if a change is in order in our lives. During autumn, we are invited to transform any negative beliefs about our health into positive affirmations and actions. Regardless of what we think we “should” be doing for our health, we are permitted to diffuse judgmental thoughts and tune into what our bodies are craving at this time of year or at this time of our lives. Perhaps this autumn is an energized season for you after a restful summer, and your body needs to be challenged with high intensity cardio routines or a new strength training regimen. Perhaps this autumn is a time during which your body needs a more restorative fitness routine, which may include relaxing walks outdoors or a meditation practice, due to recent stress, chaos, or grief in your daily life. When we recognize what our individual bodies need to be healthy, we can feel confident on our own fitness journey, despite what others may be doing on theirs.

Your strength is found in your ability to recognize and honor your body’s needs during changing circumstances. Each small step you take to creating a healthy lifestyle is a success.

You may change your workouts, change your food choices, or change your mindset. You may focus on yourself at a time when you feel bombarded by the needs of others. You may change and be open to change.  After all, change is a part of nature and brings new opportunities into your life. Socrates summed it up well when he said, “The secret of change is to focus your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” During autumn, we are invited to let go of old, destructive thoughts and create new, healthy beliefs and habits. NZ Manufacturing wishes you a beautiful autumn filled with successful moments, either big or small, in your fitness journey. Let us help you reach your goals during whichever season of life you are in.


In peace and good health,


Maureen Petrasko
President and CEO
NZ Manufacturing Inc.