ry_480_3__274x209Grand Canyon National Park: “The Rim to Rim hike was an experience I will never forget,” stated NZ Manufacturing president, Maureen Petrasko during a recent interview of her travels to the Grand Canyon National Park. The picturesque 18 mile hike began at the South Rim of the canyon on Kaibab Trail descending down into the canyon and returning up Angel Falls Trail. A Rim to Rim required pre-planning since bookings for lodging at the canyon can be up to two years in advance.

Although it is not recommended, Petrasko and her group maneuvered the terrain all in one day. Petrasko stated “the temperature at the start of the morning was around 28 degrees. By the time we reached the Colorado River, it was about 93 degrees…preparing for such extreme temperatures and wind conditions took some thought”. What wasn’t planned for was the injury of one of the hikers about mid-way into the hike. The groups’ training and preparation got the team out of the Canyon despite the altered conditions. Specifically, Petrasko and her two friends alternated carrying the injured team member’s back pack, which weighed approximately 30 pounds, along with their own back packs during the 9-mile assent up and out of the Canyon. “Planning to hike the Canyon requires training to simulate the conditions you will be facing. Trail running/walking and using  resistance training products allowed me to adjust to the demands required for this hike.” Petrasko was happy to inform us that the group fared well and all are doing fine and are planning another adventure down the road.

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