Serious athletes are always looking for the next way to improve their strength, agility and response times.

There are a whole host of different athletic training techniques to help athletes meet their goals of becoming faster, and quicker, but few have been shown to be as effective as plyometrics.

What is Plyometrics?

Plyometrics, which is also referred to as “jump training,“ by some, are exercises meant to exert the maximum amount of force on muscles in a relatively short amount of time. The goal of these exercises is to increase power and in turn speed and strength.

Plyometric exercises are meant to activate the elastic properties and quick response of major muscle groups. The term was coined by a man by the name of Fred Wilt who gave these exercises the name after watching Soviet Olympians training in the 1970s.

Plyometric Training and Resistance Cords

Using resistance cords when performing plyometric training exercises can help to boost performance in a wide array of sports, and also take your power and speed to the next level.

Our Jump Belt or Super Bungie Kit can add additional challenge to your training, which in turn can increase strength throughout that range of motion, so when the resistance is actually removed, you’ll be more powerful and hopefully faster as well. Plyometric exercises are immensely beneficial for athletes looking to make sudden direction changes, vertical jumps and explosive sprints on the court or field.

Additional Benefits of Resistance Cords

While resistance cords offer a whole host of advantages for plyometrics, they also can be used across all types of sports and even for rehabilitation purposes as well. A few of the more notable benefits of resistance cords include:

• Constant Resistance – Unlike other types of machines or free weights, resistance cords offer consistent resistance across the full range of motion. This constant tension helps to improve coordination and balance as you also build strength.
• Immensely Flexible – Resistance bands offer the ultimate workout when it comes to flexibility. With resistance cords you can literally do a workout from anywhere, whether it’s at the gym, or in your hotel room when you only have a few minutes to spare between commitments.
• Safe to Use – Resistance cords are by their nature safe, but NZ Manufacturing takes safety extremely seriously and in turn has engineered their cords in such a way using a strong nylon cord that spans the length of the entire heavy duty latex tube. This additional safety cord design shows just how committed we are to helping our athletes safely use our products.

Interested in Learning More About Plyometrics or TurfCordz® Strength Training Gear?

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