In the world of competitive swimming where tenths of a second can make a major difference, swimmers everywhere are trying to learn how they can gain an edge over the competition both physically and mentally. Achieving the race outcomes you want starts with immense preparation and focus. While you are probably already following a strong workout plan and recovering optimally, one additional way you could gain an edge is through implementing a strategic drag training regimen on a weekly basis. For swimmers, effective drag training can offer you a number of unique advantages.

Advantages of Drag Training

Increased Strength

Added resistance and drag makes swimming more difficult for all athletes. This increased difficulty forces swimmers’ bodies to have to respond and grow stronger – which allows for enhanced endurance abilities. While strength training outside the water is important for any serious swimmer, sport-specific resistance training is just as important as well. This type of training forces your body to adapt and become more comfortable with fatigue. Simulating fatigue better prepares your body for what races will feel like, so you can learn to better push through the pain.

A Stronger Mental Game

In the water, alone with your thoughts, swimming is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. Utilizing resistance and drag training in practice will help you be better prepared to handle the pain when things get tough during competition. Learning how to fight through and prosper in uncomfortable situations is crucial. Plus, when it comes to race time, swimming without resistance will feel much easier as you release those additional pounds of resistance. This is the very same rationale behind using tech suits only in races and shaving right beforehand; they’re popular techniques for good reason!

Utilize a Non-Intrusive Form of Drag Training

Researchers suggest that drag training is ideally suited for shorter, high intensity sets with ample rest to ensure that you maintain proper technique and form. When utilizing drag training in your training regimen, the last thing you want to do is choose an intrusive type of drag training that alters your form. This is where parachute resistance is ideal. At NZ Manufacturing, we have specifically engineered the DRAG BELT/TOW TETHER S109-STRECHCORDZ® to be designed in a way so that is does not interfere with kicks, flips, or stroke type. Our unique design can accommodate multiple chutes simultaneously while allowing for up to 80% of additional workload for elite swimmers. From elite triathletes to beginning competitive swimmers rehabbing, the DRAG BELT/TOW TETHER S109-STRECHCORDZ® is ideal for all types of athletes. Among other things, this swimming solution can be used for:

  • Endurance Swim Training
  • Resisted Water Walking
  • Running
  • Lunging
  • Water Fitness Classes

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