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Modular Tubing M345, M342, M340 & M382-MediCordz®


Product Description & Benefits

M345, M342, M340 & M382 are used for individual exercise and stretching.  The heart and soul of a resistance rehabilitation and exercise program. Each MediCordz® Tube includes fittings and plastic clips on each end for attachment.  (see tab below for size info.)

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Product Details

Consists of a single section of tubing, fittings and plastic clips on each end for attachment to modular components (blue and black resistance contains metal attachment clips). Tubing stretches up to 3 times its original length. Available in the following sizes:  M345 – 1.5ft-45cm,  M342 – 2ft/60cm and M340 – 3ft/90cm. The M382 – 4ft/1.2m is also the replacement tubing for the Tubing Rehab Kit and come with metal clips. Single. Interchangeable.  Available in ten resistance levels.

Color Resistance (lbs)* Resistance (kg)*
White 0.3-1.5 0.13-0.68
Tan 1-2.3 0.45-1.0
Burgundy 1.5-4.5 0.68-2.0
Brown 2.5-5.5 1.1-2.5
Silver 3-8 1.3-3.6
Yellow 5-14 2.2-6.3
Green 8-24 3.6-10.8
Red 12-31 5.4-14.1
Blue 14-34 6.3-15.4
Black 20-45 9.1-20.4
* resistance when stretched 1 – 3 times original length


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